Music is, of course, vital to the life of our congregation - both in terms of worship services and the expression of the Hebrew liturgy essential to services, and in the sheer joy of the moving, joyful, playful, educational, and spirit-enriching pleasures we share when enjoying our music together.

Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog brings his unique and seemingly endless talents to bear in all aspects of Temple Solel's musical world, from the most solemn High Holy Days service to the fun he shares in music time with our preschoolers.

Todd always encourages the congregation to join him, and he teaches us songs and prayers - words and melodies - so that every service becomes either a beautiful back-and-forth in the sanctuary, between the bimah and the congregation, or an already well-known and well-loved prayer that we, Rabbi Linder, and Todd all sing together.

We also have the privilege of being joined about four times a year by Todd's band, at a Shabbat Shira (Shabbat in Song). And, as well, we are honored at certain services, and always at the High Holy Days, from the mystical Selichot service to the concluding service of Yom Kippur, by the beauty of our volunteer choir's contribution to our musical liturgy.

However it happens, music at Temple Solel is a brilliant, utterly necessary, and thoroughly loved part of our holy community.