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2017-2018 RRS Calendar
  • We aspire to provide pathways for students and families to create and strengthen their personal Jewish identities and relationships with their community.
  • Our school community provides a place where one can comfortably explore their heritage, history, values and culture in order to have a better understanding of Judaism.
  • Throughout the year, we offer Family Learning EXperiences via our FLEX programs.
  • An annual Youth Retreat in Prescott, AZ is open to all 4th-7th graders. We invite them to attend the inspiring and fun camp-style weekend that builds and bonds friendships.

Temple Solel’s Raker Religious School formal educational program begins with our Pre-K students and continues through high school. We explore the stories, values, and traditions that bring students and families closer to their spiritual legacy. We strive to provide our students with interactive and challenging experiences that build a foundation of knowledge, relevance, and literacy. Every experience needs to emphasize the core values that we each bring from our diverse traditions and backgrounds.

Shabbat and holiday programs, worship, experiential learning, art, music, and family programs are all included in order to provide a well-rounded educational experience. It is our hope that families will be engaged because of the course of study that their child is learning and bringing home.

During the Raker Religious School day, students will be able to choose from a list of “electives” that they would like to participate in during the day. Topics will range from art, music, dance, drama, sports, cooking, newspaper, and photography, to name just a few of the options. We will have three rotations and a showcase of talent to show off to each other.

  • 4th-6th grade students attend Hebrew class, 8:00-9:15 am on Sunday mornings as well as during the RRS day. We are also excited to introduce our new Hebrew Learning Lab on Wednesdays, 4:30-6:00 pm. Students can come to brush up on their decoding skills, work on their prayer reading skills, and our seventh graders can get ready for bar/bat mitzvah tutoring. They will have the opportunity to work one on one with our talented teaching staff and madrichim.
  • 7th grade is a very special year at Temple Solel and we strive to make it a meaningful experience for all of our students. Becoming a Bat/ Bar Mitzvah is a time that means that a child is becoming a young adult and we all celebrate this wonderful experience for the families. The curriculum takes into account the anticipation and changes that occur during this important year and the relationships that are essential at Temple Solel throughout your child’s life.
  • 8th -12th graders  are invited to take on leadership roles across the religious school program as Madrichim in Training (8th grade volunteers) or Madrichim Team members (9th-12th graders).

Religious School Programs

  • Mazel Tots, open to 2- and 3-year-olds with parents. Our program engages learners beginning at two years old with our Tot Program open to the community on the first Sunday of each month. Come play, learn about the upcoming holidays, and meet other parents and children from the community.
  • Pre-K – 3rd Grade,  The curriculum focuses on creating Jewish memories. Each session includes stories, music and art to immerse students in Bible, Mitzvot, Tzedekah and celebrations of Shabbat and holidays.

Special Programs

Raker Religious School Youth Retreat: As an extension of the learning in the classroom, we go on a yearly retreat to beautiful Prescott, AZ, for an inspiring and camp-style weekend that reinforces friendships, helps to establish our community, and builds on the importance of experiential learning.

Family Learning: During the year, we encourage parents to join their children at Raker Religious School to participate in the learning experience. Siblings and grandparents (grand friends) are always welcome to attend as well.

For more information on Raker Religious School contact the Director Education, Alissa Zuchman at alissa@templesolel.org