Social Group Involvement

There are a number of social groups within Temple Solel.
We encourage you to explore and find out more about the one that is appropriate for you.

Come and drop in, visit and eat, schmooze – we want to see you! The Boker Tov Bistro is open on Sundays when religious school is in session and is a wonderful way to connect with friends and meet new ones. Interested in volunteering? Even one Sunday would help.
Chavurot are affinity groups of temple members who share common interests. They meet monthly in each other’s homes or go out for social and cultural events. Being a member of a chavurah helps congregants feel connected to the larger temple family by being part of a smaller group. Click here for our Chavurah Application.
If you are a parent, single or married, with children ages 19-30 who are not living with you, this group is for you! The group meets socially throughout the year. To become involved, contact Michelle Fillman at
Do you enjoy hiking and the outdoors? Our hiking chavurah meets monthly on Sunday mornings from October through April. Usual hiking areas include McDowell Sonoran Preserve, South Mountain, Phoenix Mountain Preserve and Cave Creek Regional Park. If time allows, we enjoy breakfast at a local restaurant after the hike. If interested, please contact Betsy Seligman Gometz at
Do you love to knit or crochet? Interested in knitting for a cause and meeting some wonderful people? Join us the second Wednesday of the month at 1:00-3:00 pm at Temple Solel. We will provide the yarn and refreshments. Please bring along your needles and patterns. All are welcome, members and nonmembers alike! RSVP to Arlene Bonime at
Need we say more? The goal of the Temple Solel Men’s group is to form lifelong friendships through social and philanthropic activities while helping promote Jewish life and community. Come and socialize with your fellow congregants during happy hours, poker nights, a fall golf outing, scheduled speaker events and more. To get involved, contact Dick Jacobs at or Steve Slogoff at
This group focuses on helping families with children infant through second grade understand modern Jewish culture by providing a connection to Jewish traditions through education. Events throughout the year will give families the opportunity to engage each other over relevant topics such as interfaith issues, raising Jewish children, and reengaging forgotten traditions. To get involved, contact Leslie Scheck at
Do you enjoy singing? Join Todd Herzog for our Adult Temple Solel Choir which performs at services throughout the year. For more information, please contact Todd at
Come read for pleasure and join the Temple Solel Book Club for a potluck dinner and book discussion on books with Jewish subjects and/or by Jewish authors. Come be with friends, make new friends and eat yummy food. Check the calendar for our bi-monthly meeting times including book selections. For additional information please contact Nina Tobias at
The Connections Team is comprised of subcommittees that plan and execute connection activities for our congregants to tie us together as a community (Shabbat Dinner Club, Movie Club, Chavurot, Bubbe Brigade, etc.). We aim to connect temple members to other members, to their own family members and to the wider community outside Temple Solel. For additional information, please contact Steve Slogoff at
Come visit the Temple Solel Gift Shop located in the temple foyer and enjoy one-stop-shopping for baby, b’nai mitzvah, wedding gifts and holiday celebration items. Many of our pieces are from Israel! Interested in assisting with the gift shop? Please contact Carol Brillman at
Interfaith Outreach supports interfaith families through the exploration and facilitation of issues that arise in interfaith families in ways that are respectful to all family members. For more information and to get involved, contact Doreen Feldberg at
The Temple Solel Library is a wonderful resource that is available to our entire congregation. The library symbolizes our heritage of a commitment to lifelong Jewish learning, reinforces all synagogue educational programs, and provides congregants access to excellent resources on all aspects of Judaism. To get involved, contact Peter Pishko at
Women of Temple Solel are invited to reach out and meet new women through exciting programs and casual gatherings throughout the year. Women of all ages are encouraged to participate. To get involved contact Pamela Ornstein at  or Deena Goldstein at
Rosh Chodesh has historically been celebrated by women as a time to come together and explore and discuss relevant matters at the start of the new moon. Rosh Chodesh is literally translated as “head of the month,” and has existed as a women’s holiday. Spend an evening with women of Solel. We will meet once a month for a dairy potluck dinner, wine and discussion, as we reflect the interests, personalities and passions of the women involved. For more information contact Marilyn Carson at
Interested in learning and conversing in Yiddish? Please join us for our monthly meetings that happen every first Wednesday, 1:30-3:00 pm. For more information, contact Irma Feldman at

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