The following is a listing of Temple Solel Funds with brief descriptions:


Building Beautification Fund - This fund is used to keep Temple Solel 'beautiful' from a decorative standpoint.

Capital Fund

Caring Community Fund - Supports our Caring Committee, which reaches out to those who have experienced both simchas and sadness. Their services include hospital visitations and setting up the shiva home.

Cary J. Zucker Youth Library Fund - Money from this fund goes toward the Preschool Library.

Choir Fund - Subsidizes musical programs for Temple Solel and covers costs of supplies for our Choir.

Edward Linder Memorial Interfaith Bridge-Building Fund

Endowment Fund - Supports the Temple Solel Endowment Foundation.

Family Assistance Fund - These funds are distributed to congregational families in need. In keeping with the highest level of tzedakah, no public acknowledgement is given to the donors to this fund.

General Fund - Contributions support our operating budget and cover any unplanned expenses .

Library Fund - Money from this fund is used to purchase books and library supplies.

MAZON - MAZON's advocacy works to ensure that hungry people have access to nutritious food today and demands that government policies assure no one goes hungry tomorrow.

Oneg Shabbat Fund - Supports our beautiful Friday evening onegs.

Pathways Fund

Prayerbook Fund - Used to purchase prayerbooks and books for special services.

Social Action Fund - Supports our Social Action Committee.

Yiddish Club Fund


Education Fund - These funds are used to enrich Temple Solel's education program for our young people.

Dr. Gerald H. Becker Adult Education Fund

The Solel Preschool Early Childhood Fund - Money from this fund goes to buy 'extras' for our preschool.

The Solel Preschool PAC Fund


The Solel Preschool Scholarship Fund

Raker Camp Scholarship Fund - Offers scholarships to children attending summer camps.

Religious School Scholarship Funds:

Dr. Willard Abraham Memorial Fund - This fund helps to underwrite the cost of religious school and/or for special programming.

Herb & Eleanor Gordon Scholarship Fund - This fund helps to underwrite the cost of religious school and/or for special programming.


Youth Group Fund - Established to assist the Temple Solel youth and allow them to attend various programs.

Kochavim Fund

Giborim Fund


Discretionary Funds:

Rabbi Linder's Discretionary Fund

Rabbi Mills' Discretionary Fund

Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog's Discretionary Fund

Executive Director's Discretionary Fund

Religious School Director's Discretionary Fund


Donations to Temple Solel funds are tax deductible - please consult your tax advisor for more information.
Refunds are not given on donations made to Temple Solel.